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> Subject: [Gimp-user] How, really, to do text?
> Hi all,
> Fiddling with anti-aliasing and hinting isn't working for me. Any text I 
> add to an image is horribly pixelated and the help I'm finding with web 
> searches isn't working. I've tried adding the text at full size and I 
> tried scaling the image to twice the size and adding text, and then 
> scaling it back down. It still looks unbelievably awful.
> How does one really do this?

You don't give sufficient information.

What size  is your image? What dpi is it?

Again, just guessing, 

  Open the image
  Image->Resize and make the dpi say 300
  Select the text tool, click on the image and say set the font size to 150
  Type away

Then look at the image, is it still pixelated?

Or post an xcf with the problem somewhere so others can look at it

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