I found the answer. Not sure why it wasn't working when I first tried 

Still don't know how to get the item id as required by (gimp-item-get-
image item) function.


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>Date: 12/03/2016 18:04
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>Subj: [Gimp-user] Scheme - image ID
>I would likke to find the image ID from a Scheme script. 
>(gimp-image-list) run in the Scheme console returns e.g. (1 #(5)) so 
>know from this that the image-id is 5, but if I have multiple docs 
>I may get the return value (2 #(8 5)). So how do I find and pass the 
>correct image ID to a Scheme variable inside a script? E.g. (let* ( 
>(img (cadr(gimp-image-list))) ) img ) now returns #(8 5). 
>I believe the function needed may be (gimp-item-get-image item), but 
>how do I find the item-ID and assign it to a variable?
>Any help is appreciated.
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