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>On 16-03-12 02:14 PM, uga...@talktalk.net wrote:
>> I want to get the id from within the script. I found the answer. Not
>> sure why it wasn't working when I first tried it. I hadn't made the
>> connection between image id and the title bar data.
>> Still don't know how to get the item id as required by (gimp-item-
>> image item) function.
>You said you found the answer then your last statement seems to 
indicate you 
>Apart from the previous suggestions on how to find the image ID I had 
>another thought. If you are writing a script where you want to right 
>an image and run your script from the menu that will pop up you can 
set up 
>your script so the image ID and drawable ID are automatically passed 
to your 
>In the script-fu-register block where you have the list of SF-* 
>you add two lines right before any other SF-* parameters:
>   SF-IMAGE       "Image"    0
>   SF-DRAWABLE    "Drawable" 0
>In the define for your script you would add "image" and "drawable" as 
>first two parameters expected by your script. You can use any variable 
>you want in place of "image" and "drawable".
>If your define was
>   (define (my-script-fu-script param1 param2)
>you would change it to
>  (define (my-script-fu-script image drawable param1 param2)
>The variable name "image" will automatically be set to the ID of the 
>that you right clicked.
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