On Sat, Mar 19, 2016, at 11:32 PM, dmcentee wrote:
> Hi,
> New user here. I'm trying to make an outlined text. So I created a new
> project,
> default size, added a line of text. I selected the text using the move
> tool - I
> can move it around so I know that it is selected.
> Now I want to Select > Grow,  but grow and shrink are grayed out and I
> can not
> use the grow or shrink option.

You have to make a selection first before you can grow a selection.

R-Click on the text layer and choose "Alpha to Selection".
Make sure to add another layer and select it to fill the selection. You
won't be able use that selection on your text layer unless you R-Click
on the text layer and choose "Discard Text Information" first. This
means you won't be able to edit the text any further though.

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