Yes, I found this: 'C-language and Python plug-in files must have 
permissions set to allow execution.' buried here:

It appears TextWrangler will set the permission flag to executable 
provided it contains a shebang.


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>Date: 20/03/2016 22:47
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>Subj: Re: [Gimp-user] python-fu
>On 20/03/16 18:59, wrote:
>> I am having issues creating Python-fu scripts that seem to be editor
>> related. I have a number of editors, but only one works with python-
>> fu!
>> To illustrate; I am unable to use the Atom to author/create python-
>> scripts. It isn't an issue with the script. E.g. I create a new 
>> document using Atom (in the correct working directory), paste some
>> content into the file that I know to be good, and re-save it. 
>> when I fire up GIMP the file/script is not found. I do the same 
>> using TextWrangler, create the file, save it (in the same working
>> directory as before), paste the content (also as before), and again 
>> save it, and it works! GIMP finds the file, and will execute the 
>> The thing is, it isn't just Atom. I experience the same problem 
>> Sublime Text, CotEditor, and TextEdit (I am on OS X).
>> Can anyone suggest what is going on here?
>Just a guess... On OSX (and Linux) Python-fu scripts need to have the 
>executable flag set to ba taken in account by Gimp. Some editors 
>be setting it automatically when you edit a recognized script file 
>when others wouldn't.
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