On 15-12-03 10:02 AM, ssabo wrote:
Finally 2.8.14 would install and work!  But now my MAJOR problem, I have been
using Script Fu A LOT. But now it is no long in the upper menu just after
“filters” where it use to be.  Now it is at the bottom of the “filters” 
and I have tried everything, but can’t get it to work.

I really need Script Fu on three websites I am presently designing…HELP!

If you see Script-Fu in the menus it is available. If you are trying to use some scripts that you had running in a much older version of GIMP they may need updates. Changes within GIMP and changes in Script-Fu itself have meant some scripts need changes. If you provide more details about what is and isn't working for you more specific help can be provided.



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