On 22/03/16 21:34, Kevin Cozens wrote:
On 16-03-22 03:04 PM, uga...@talktalk.net wrote:
I don't see the difference to be about efficiency. There is noticeable
lag when executing python-fu.

Script-Fu is always loaded in memory when GIMP starts. For Python scripts the Python interpreter must be loaded before it can run the script. The times it takes to load the Python interepreter would be the lag you are talking about.

Possible. I don't experience such lags but then on a Linux system there is always a Python script running somewhere so the interpreter is already loaded, and it's only a matter of initializing a new instance. But then on OSX I would expect the interpreter to be kept in the IO buffers, so the lag would be noticeable only on the first execution. A good test would be to start an interactive python session before starting Gimp, keep it open while Gimp runs and see if the lag remains.
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