Intersting idea, but running Python interactively before launching GIMP 
does not seem to make a noticeable  difference.


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>Date: 22/03/2016 21:04
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>Subj: Re: [Gimp-user] python-fu vs script-fu
>On 22/03/16 21:34, Kevin Cozens wrote:
>> On 16-03-22 03:04 PM, wrote:
>>> I don't see the difference to be about efficiency. There is 
>>> lag when executing python-fu.
>> Script-Fu is always loaded in memory when GIMP starts. For Python 
>> scripts the Python interpreter must be loaded before it can run the 
>> script. The times it takes to load the Python interepreter would be 
>> the lag you are talking about.
>Possible. I don't experience such lags but then on a Linux system 
>is always a Python script running somewhere so the interpreter is 
>already loaded, and it's only a matter of initializing a new 
>But then on OSX I would expect the interpreter to be kept in the IO 
>buffers, so the lag would be noticeable only on the first execution. 
>good test would be to start an interactive python session before 
>starting Gimp, keep it open while Gimp runs and see if the lag 
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