I want to customize the font list shown on GIMP so that it does not show me
fonts I will never use but cannot remove from my system because OS X insists
they are system fonts. However, I don't need Japanese, Hebrew, Chinese, etc
alphabets, and I cannot disable them in the font book, or delete them from the
font folder.

It would also be wonderful if GIMP would condense its font list into families
instead of displaying each individual one. Eg, Arial, Arial Italic, Arial Bold,
and Arial Bold Italic could easily be one entry instead of four. Scrolling past
a gazillion fonts just to reach the one I want to use is getting annoying. It
would also be wonderful if GIMP would allow me to create custom lists, eg
SansSerif fonts, Script fonts, and the like.

BTW, I have looked in my GIMP font folders, both for user and for the
application, and both are empty.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide, or light you can shed on this

Snowyn (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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