On 03/26/2016 09:32 AM, Ross Martinek wrote:

> The reason you cannot remove the "system fonts" is that they are part of 
> "core services." under current OS X versions these can only be altered by the 
> administrative user account with authentication from Apple via an Apple ID, 
> but it (supposedly) can be done.
> Another approach is to not install the foreign font families at the time of 
> OS installation, if you want to do a clean install.

Try this:  Go to Edit > Preferences > Folders > Fonts, and see if
the system wide fonts directory is listed.  If so, remove it,
restart the GIMP and see if you have /any/ fonts available.  If not,
you can put copies of the fonts you want to use in the GIMP in its
own font directory, and that should do the deed.

It should be possible to reorder the font listing in the GIMP by
renaming the font files, i.e. add 01, 02, etc. to groups you want to
see listed first, second, etc.


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