Don't use GIMP to scroll through fonts, use Font It is 
designed to let you search, organise and manage your fonts.

OSX is preventing you from doing something harmful. Ordinarily you 
ought not remove and/or rename System files, nor (as a rule) whould you 
add files to the OSX System/Library. Most OSX fonts are not located in 
/System/Library/Fonts, but are by default located in Library/Fonts, but 
it is also probably a bad idea to change the file names for fonts in 
this location too. However, if you are set on this appraoach then you 
will probably be better to copy/duplicate font files accross to 
/Users/your_user_name/Library/Application Support/GIMP/2.8/fonts, and 
make any changes to the font file names in this location.


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>Date: 26/03/2016 18:46
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>Subj: [Gimp-user] Gimp Font List or remove unwanted fonts
>>Nice workaround for the ordering. On the Mac OS, you can also add a
>>special character that sorts last to get the unwanted fonts down to
>>the bottom of the list. I use <Option z> which generates an omega
>Thanks for adding this to Steve's reply. If I can rename fonts, I can 
also use
>"99" to send fonts to the bottom of the list. And Option z looks 
awesome as
>(Main problem continues to be that I cannot do anything to the system 
fonts in
>/System/Library/Fonts/. That is, I assume that since I cannot move 
them to the
>trash or make them inactive in the Font Book, I also cannot rename 
them. But I
>will try it out and see.
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