>First, what version of OSX are you using?
>I just tried removing a system font under Yosemite, and it worked. I
>have to assume that the account you are using does not have root
>administration access.
>If you are running El Capitan, then the way I've been told it works is
>that when you attempt to make a modification to the system-reserved
>software, Apple sends a message to one of your other devices (iPhone,
>iPad, iPod, etc.) that asks you to verify your Apple ID. When you do
>so from that device, your computer will grant you full access. In
>other words, even if you are logging in as the sole administrative
>user, you have to verify that semi-independently to get full access.
>That means that if your computer is stolen, they have to steal at
>least one other device and have your Apple ID to get full access. Nice
>of Appleto force you to buy another Apple device.
>That's as I understand it, as I haven't "upgraded" to the latest
>version, though I will do so shortly. I'm glad Apple takes security as
>seriously as they do. I just wish they were still good enough to do it
>in a user friendly manner.
>Apple has a very good support site: Apple.com/support.
>"Those who give up their liberty to gain security deserve neither."
>Benjamin Franklin

Using El Capitan. And there are two admin users on this system. One from the
original owner. One for me. I have lost track of the password for the original
owner's admin account. Also do not have the root password. While the original
owner is a friend of mine, he doesn't remember his password either. El Capitan's
"protection" for fonts in /System/Library/Fonts/ is apparently much stronger
than for Yosemite. Frankly, for a variety of reasons, I am sorry that I ever
upgraded to El Capitan. Much preferred Yosemite.

Snowyn (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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