It wasn't me who first suggested modifying fonts.conf. Indeed, I am 
probably against this approach. 

I suggest it may be easier, (and as you know you can create 
collections, which is what I think you wished GIMP could do) to use 
OSX's Font to browse for a font, and then to use GIMP's text 
tool options to select it by entering its name (or part thereof) using 
the font selector's text-field selection tool.


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>Subj: [Gimp-user] Gimp Font List or remove unwanted fonts
>>It isn't clear why you want to replace <dir>/Library/Fonts</dir> with
>>8/fonts</dir> as this file path is already defined in GIMP > Fonts > 
>>Font Folders preferences. 
>>On OSX there are 4 default files paths in fonts.conf, which could be 
>>commented out. The fonts.config file is here: /Applications/GIMP.
>>However, GIMP will not display any fonts, unless you also e.g.
>>/Users/your_user_name/Library/Application Support/GIMP/2.8/fonts 
>>some fonts.
>Hi Ugajin (hope I spelled that right),
>Thank you for the suggestion of looking in fonts.conf and possibly 
>that. I will try this idea.
>However, FYI, I have looked in both /Users/.../GIMP/2.8/fonts and in 
the GIMP
>Application Resources fonts file, and there are zero fonts in there. 
So even
>though both those folders are empty, GIMP is displaying all the fonts 
>/System/Library/Fonts/ and in /Library/Fonts/ -- or at least all the 
>fonts in those folders. I have used Font Boss to deactivate a bunch of 
fonts. I
>also used monolingual (or something like that name) to remove 
"everything" that
>was not English language, and I *think* it removed a bunch of Chinese 
>Japanese and miscellaneous non-Roman-alphabet fonts. Although it did 
keep the
>system fonts that are non-Roman-alphabet.
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