>It wasn't me who first suggested modifying fonts.conf. Indeed, I am 
>probably against this approach. 
>I suggest it may be easier, (and as you know you can create 
>collections, which is what I think you wished GIMP could do) to use 
>OSX's Font Book.app to browse for a font, and then to use GIMP's text 
>tool options to select it by entering its name (or part thereof) using
>the font selector's text-field selection tool.
Not easier for me at all. I usually already know what font I want to use. If I
don't, I go to a file I have created where I have lines of "The quick brown fox
jumps over the lazy dog" in every font I have on my system (and I have further
organized these lines into serif, sans, mono, script, and "odd"). This file
shows me what every font I have looks like in a-z lowercase. Though I didn't
realize I could type the name into the text selection tool. So I do thank you
for that.

Snowyn (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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