Hi, Tobias,

Tobias Jakobs wrote:
> 2016-04-11 16:40 GMT+02:00  <m.r...@5-cent.us>:
>>  I'm running CentOS 6.7, and the most current GIMP for that, 2.6.9-8.
> Uff, that's an really old version...

It's what's current for CentOS 6 (and I *really* am putting off going to
CentOS 7 as long as possible, I despise systemd, but that's another
flamewar), and I'd rather just keep current. Btw, CentOS 6 == RHEL 6.
>>  Doing that with these scans, nada. No useful changes, and threshold
>> does nothing.
>>    Clues for the poor?
> No, but could you perhaps upload on of the PDFs so that at least
> someone with an old Gimp 2.6 has the chance to reproduce the problem.

a) I'm not used to mailing lists that allow that, as I think it was
hundreds of k? over a meg?), and
b) I personally have an issue doing that - it's not just some random
stuff, it's writing by my late wife in a fiction APA, that I finally got
up off my butt to collect, so I can put into a publishable novel form. So,
things like copyright (I would be the copyright holder).... Let me think
about it - actually, it'd have to wait until this evening anyway, it's on
my workstation at home, not here at work.

Here I was hoping it was seen before, here's a link to a thread....


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