Hi, Tobias,

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Tobias Jakobs wrote:
> 2016-04-11 16:40 GMT+02:00  <m.r...@5-cent.us>:
>>  Doing that with these scans, nada. No useful changes, and threshold
>> does nothing.
>>    Clues for the poor?
> No, but could you perhaps upload on of the PDFs so that at least
> someone with an old Gimp 2.6 has the chance to reproduce the problem.

Well... I have a friend here at work who thought he could do it, but
Photoshop? Acrobat Pro? Anyway, it came in as an image, not as text, is
what he told me, so.... I suppose I'm willing to upload the document...
but it's over 2M, and 18 pages or so.  Were you suggesting I could to that
to this list, or direct to you, or...?

I think I mentioned that when my friend used the scanner "across the hall,
labelled as 'better for OCR', I could extract with few problems (other
than having to do each of the 17 pages one by one....).


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