Hello Dale,

how was your approach? Did you make screenshots of the HTML-Websites?
My suggestion: make the screenshots - crop it with the Crop Tool - save as
png or jpeg. Open the image where you want to insert these images. Either
you may use Menu File>Open As Layers or you may insert the screenshots by
drag & drop for instance from Windows Explorer directly tot he Image Window
- I think, the same is for other os. Position the images, transform the
screenshots (either Scale Tool or Perspective Tool, maybe both). Save the
image as xcf. Afterwards, yo can export to any format you want.
Hope, that helps. Mail me directly, if not: klausgoel...@gmail.com

Klaus Goelker

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Subject: [Gimp-user] Hello Question???
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I have spent hours and hours of attempts and research to imbed an html site
into two book covers in an advertisement.
I keep putting them in and attaching them and get no further.?
I don't know, ?I have watched every youtube video and read all instructions.
?I need to achieve this. ?Appreciate some help!
Dale E. Manolakas


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