On 11/05/16 01:40, Linda Littlepage wrote:
Hello my is Linda Littlepage and download gimp 2.8 form website here: 
https://www.gimp.org/ I am trying fallow video How to Color using Gimp and can 
do the first few steps. But, when the video talks a normal mode my gray out!and 
I can't get the drop down box. Like the person in the video is talk about in 
video. I try several different YouTube. I have been able to completely full any 
videos all the way tho. I have window 8.1 64 bits. I don't think the Gimp 
software is working right? in my computer. Can someone help me with this? 
thanks, Linda Littlepage

A lot of Youtube videos are not that good. And plenty of them were created using Gimp 2.6, so if you are using Gimp 2.8 the UI is slightly different. So check that the video is more recent than May, 2012.

Otherwise posting the URL of the video you are following would help identify the problem.

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