I just installed 2.8, because I like the idea of having just one window open
with all of the images I'm working on in it, without worrying about something
hiding behind those floating docks. So, in concept, I'm happy with this. BUT. It
really slows me down having to switch between tabs. I want multiple files OPEN
AND VISIBLE simultaneously. In other programs, this is called a 'Tile View' of
windows. Since this is not something available in Single-Window mode, I'm stuck
with a cluttered taskbar, and manually keeping things out from behind the docks.

I have looked for an available workaround, but so far have found nothing besides
not using single-window mode. Right now, there was no point in me having
upgraded the program.

I'm not a programmer. But if someone has a plugin - or, you know, writes one -
that does this, please let me know. Otherwise: Developers? I doubt I would be
the only one to love it if a Tile View was available in Single-Window mode in
future releases.


jxxtan (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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