On 13/05/16 14:48, Battle wrote:

This is a feature we might all know of, and for me it felt like a huge
disappointing bug. It enrages me every time because it is still possible, but in
a horrible way. I need the tablet mostly for pressurized painting and using a
pen to do so. Sadly, I can disconnect the tablet from gimp, but the pressure
feature will be gone too. Also remember "Window Mode", which will absolutely
prevent adjusting options in full screen mode with the pen.

So please, create an option to share all settings across all devices. It allows
people - who are maybe not fully engaged into the use of tablets - to use gimp
as they prefer. Maybe there is a solution for that already, an extension, plugin
or script. I would be grateful, if you could redirect me to those, if they
exist, as I couldn't find those solutions.


What is not covered by Edit preferences>Tool options>Paint options shared between tools?
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