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> Hi, 
> I read a few discussions but non seem to help. I don't like the export > 
> feature or that it increases my PDF sizes greatly, but I can work around 
> it. My problem is whenever I export to PDF gimp  is lowering the quality 
> of my PDFs. I can deal with the export feature and the PDF size increase 
> but not the loss in quality.
> Has anybody notice this? Any suggestions on what I can do?

The original is an embedded raster image, no vectors involved.

Can I just point out that Gimp default value for opening a PDF is 100 ppi. 
Which might/might not be the same as the original. Up to the user to adjust.

These values using linux pdfimages

      width  height color  enc          ppi 
Adobe: 2545   1491  rgb    jpeg       300x301  

Gimp:  848     497  gray   image(png) 101x100 

Hardly surprising the difference in quality.

Suggestion: Sometimes difficult to determine the original size of a raster 
image in a PDF.
LibreOffice Draw usually plucks an image out in original size/format.
If the PDF contains a vector image, then use Inkscape.

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