I've recently installed GIMP - in June 2016. My antivirus software is AVG.
It has picked up corrupted GIMP files, saying that there is a generic virus

Generic virus is a potential threat. Threats, when malicious, can be used to
interfere with the normal operation of a computer, gather personal
information or allow a hacker to access the device remotely without the
user's consent. 
This kind of software usually arrives in the form of an unwanted download
from a malicious website or as code illegally injected into a legitimate
website without the webmaster's knowledge. It can also be received as an
email attachment or an instant message from an untrusted source. 

It was not clear from the GIMP website where to send an email relating to a
suspected virus, so I'm trying this address. I attach a Word document
containing screen grabs showing the affected files.


I have deleted the files and GIMP still seems to work (for my purposes at
least). However, this virus issue is a concern. I would be grateful if you
could look into this and fix it.



Sally Davies



Sally Davies

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