Hey everyone.

First of all, thanks to everyone who contributed to this awesome project.

I am a director of a company that is heavily graphics based.  My partner
in the company is a dedicated Apple/Mac/Adobe stereotypical designer.

I know for a fact that GIMP is either on par or better than what his
current setup is.  Even 10 years ago this was the case.

However, I am absolutely unable to find recent testimonials/testimonies
from professional designers who run their business.

I'm specifically looking for someone who deals with print media.  The
common crap that I find out there on the internet is 'GIMP is fine for
non print, but Adobe is the only reliable software for print'.  This is
a generalized statement but you get my point.

I would love to convince him to drop his adobe suite and save our
company money and benefit the world at the same time, but I cannot even
approach him because as soon as he does a search he's going to find this
garbage on the net.

Is there someone on this list, or multiple people who could update this
section of the website:




Testimonials are absolutely the most important thing to move this
project quickly forward.  I know we are at the cutting edge.

Thanks so much!!


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