Thank you all for the suggestions I will have to try something to soften the 

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LED lights can have a weird colour temperature and spectrum (white balance). 
If your camera can take a pre-set white balance under whatever LED lighting 
conditions, so much the better.

Rick S.

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On Sat, 2016-08-20 at 11:11 +0000, David Holland wrote:
> Thank you both for your answersIf you copy this URL can you see it?
> Yahoo mail is a bit tricky
> "
> public/"


> I have thought about using flash off camera but I am worried about
> knocking it in small places.

Off-camera flash, or steady lights (you can get LED lights fairly
cheaply on ebay or aliexpress but I have not tried them), or put
something over the flash to direct the light upwards.

Since you still have good detail there; you could check in darktable
(assuming you're on Linux) or rawtherapee and see if any of the detail
can be recovered, but I doubt it.

An LED macro ring light is another possibility. But best is if the
light comes from the side, so it doesn't bounce off and hit the camera
lens. See if you can go without flash at all.

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