After another uninstall, I checked the registry and nothing appears to exist
with the word Gimp in it. If it still exists in my computer, it's invisible. So
I tried installing Gimp again,and lo and behold, the work history is still there
and everything. And again, when I click Hue/Saturation, the window for that tool
is minimized and inaccessible by any means of right or left clicks. It's like
Gimp is having failures of one or two different tools each time. First the
Brightness/Contrast would not open, then with the new version of Gimp the main
menu box would not show, now it's back to the Hue/Saturation box not coming up
(minimized/inaccessible, says "This tool has no options."

>I've used Gimp 2.4.2 for years now, and haven't upgraded because it
>works fine. Today for some unknown reason, when I open a file in Gimp
>and click Colors>Brightness/Contrast, the window for the
>Contrast/Brightness tool shows on the bottom taskbar of my computer,
>but I cannot access it. It's as if it's minimized and I cannot undo
>that. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Gimp, but it seems to be
>keeping settings and/or files on my computer because even after
>uninstalling it, rebooting and reinstalling it, the work history still
>shows up and the problem is still there.
>I even tried uninstalling Gimp and upgrading to the latest version
>(2.8.whatever) and now the problem is happening with the Hue/Contrast
>tool. It simply does not open. On the main menu it will show the
>Hue/Contrast dialogue box, but it says something about "Tool has no
>options". I can't even find what that says now, because when I re-open
>Gimp, I do not get the main menu that used to pop up. Only a window to
>open a new file.
>Is Gimp string some sort of corrupted files on my computer? How do I
>fix this?

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