On 09/01/2016 02:14 AM, Ro3bert wrote:

> I want to load GIMP into an external drive. So far I have been unable to
> download it to my (H: 1.5TB) drive. The download process insists on loading it
> to the computers C: drive no matter what I try.

You shouldn't use the terms "download" and "install" interchangeably.
This will lead to misunderstandings.

Your browser will allow you to put downloads anywhere, although it might
have been set up (or you might have set it up) to put downloaded files
into a specific directory without asking.

I'm pretty sure you are referring to the fact that the GIMP installer
won't let you choose where to install GIMP. It does this if it detects
that GIMP is already installed on your system, and then uses the same

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