1. Open GIMP (***with no new image or photo***).
3. Under image size set whatever dimensions you want for new images.
4. ***In the last drop-down box on that line you will see "px" and a down triangle.*** Click the triangle and you will be presented with a selection of types of measurements: pixels, inches, millimeters, points, etc.
5. Choose "inches". Also set whatever else you want. Click "OK"
6. This is the important step: ***Quit GIMP without opening a new image or anything else.*** This sets "inches" as the default measurement for NEW images.

When you Open GIMP again and click FILE > NEW, "inches" will be the measurement system for your "NEW" files.

Rick Strong

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Subject: [Gimp-user] setting preferences to imches?

I downloaded the gimp 2.8.18. on mac osX.11.6.
I have set my increments to inches. when i open a new document, it opens in pixels, even if my previous document is in inches. How do i get gimp to always show my new documents in inches?( or whatever incrament i want)
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