Am 16.09.2016 um 11:33 schrieb Anna-Barbara Winzeler:
> Dear Community,
> Swiss Journalist here. I am currently doing a reserach about Adobe's 
> CC-policy and its influence on the users. My thesis includes a shift
> to independent alternatives (which includes GIMP) and so I was
> looking for buisness reports of GIMP (since 2012 if possible), but I
> haven't found anything (which is a kind of a compliment if you want
> so).
> Can you help me? I know this isn't an "user"-question at all, but I 
> couldn't find any other way to contact anyone in this company.

there is no company behind GIMP. And because GIMP comes preinstalled
with most Desktop Linux distributions (and because there's no Adobe
Photoshop for Linux), GIMP has its widest user base among the Linux
users. I bet there's no desktop Linux user who doesn't use GIMP from
time to time.

If you need "use statistics" you have to get the download numbers of
desktop linux distributions. For the DACH area, the most popular are
Ubuntu, Linux Mint and OpenSUSE, I think. If you need it more
international, your research would become extensive.

If for some reason only 1% of the Adobe Photoshop users would switch to
GIMP, numbers would completely change. But because the GIMP people
neither have control about distribution nor they have put a spy function
into the software which tells about its use, they can't give you numbers.

Kind regards

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