I have got an Intuos Pen & Touch S (CTH-480) and have met no problem with the
pressure, nor to pass from the the pen to the eraser, by turning the stylus.
So I have decided to buy an Intuos Pro M (PTH-651).
Under Windows 10, I have installed the common driver (6.3.15-3) to the two
tablets, to eliminate a potential conflit.
But here is my problem. With the Intuos Pen & Touch, I can still use it,
normally. But with the Intuos Pro, I have not the pressure function, and I
can not pass from the pen to the eraser by just turning the stylus.
I met the same problem under Vista, just before go on Windows 10 (my Ubuntu
14.4 has bugged too, on my old computer. I know I'm unlucky on this moment .
. .)
For your information, on GIMP, Edit --> Input Device, "WACOM Tablet Eraser"
and "WACOM Tablet Pressure Stylus" are written in black (not in grey) the
Mode is on "Screen" and for Axes there is X =1; Y = 1 and Pressure = 3 (for
the two tablets).
If someone can help me . . . Thank a lot.        

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