>Am a newbie. so, hello all.
>How do I scan an a5 and print it as a4?Scanner is HP deskjet 3520 but
>cannot find out how to tell GIMP to enlarge to a4. Many thanks.

As with everything, it depends. Do not know your OS or Gimp version, guessing

If it is a straight scan and print, then I would adjust the print size: Image ->
Print size. This does nothing to the image just tells the printer the size to
print. Obviously start off with a decent scanning resolution, 300 ppi or

Something like this: http://imgur.com/q21uU8s allow a bit for margins, set the
width to 209 mm or a little less.

Otherwise, you might want to do a bit of editing or ... maybe scan and size like

https://youtu.be/yV_QMuboDPY  about 5 minutes.

rich2005 (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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