On 20/09/16 07:03, kevspass wrote:
Hi All,
I have just started using Gimp and see that it can do almost anything(!?)
However, can someone please tell me how to do the following?

I have a very long horizontal image (single line of music notation). I need to
space all the bar lines up at equal distances apart. I am using the grid to
guide me.

I therefore need to 'stretch' part of the image by copying a section and pasting
it at another point. However, I can only seem to get it to merge the copied
section over the top.

I want to 'cut' the main image and insert the piece thus making the width if the
entire image longer.
Is this possible?

Or is there a way to select a cross section (from top to bottom) and stretch it
sideways- also moving the rest of the image along?

I hope that all makes sense .
Any advice is appreciated.

To open a gap:

1) duplicate the image (so that you have two layers)
2) Image>Canvas size and set the new width
3) Using the move tool, drag a layer to the right of the image. Using "Image>View>Snap to canvas edges" can make is a bit easier 4) erase the right part of the layer on the left, and the left part of the layer on the right.

To fill the gap with white, add a new layer fill it will white, and move it to the bottom of the layer stack.

Warning: stretching images cause Gimp to interpolate pixels. This is very visible on sharp edges such as the ones you find in text, or music. A vector-based image editor such as Inkscape may be better suited for the task.

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