Am 23.09.2016 um 23:28 schrieb Pat David:
>>   I have some standard ICC profiles:
>> CMYK:
>>   un-/coated
>>   web un-/coated
>>   US web un-/coated
>>   US sheetfed un-/coated
>>   Would any of those be an appropriate default?
> Maybe?  I doubt they would be any better than any other profile that isn't
> generated from your printer and created by you.
A cheap home/office printer wouldn't match any premanufactured color
profile. Maybe there is one supplied with the printer (check the
manufacturer's website) but that one is only valid when used with the
overpriced ink cartridges from the manufacturer.

So you have to calibrate your printer by hand. I wouldn't bother to
create a full profile myself but instead, do a few test prints and see
if they are okay. The ink isn't color-stable enough over years anyway.

But you should to calibrate your monitor in any case so your test prints
match a common standard instead of an arbitrary non-calibrated monitor.

Kind regards


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