* Ross Martinek <triariu...@gmail.com> [09-26-16 11:28]:
> You didn’t highjack a thread, I made a mistake and thought you had, and sent 
> you an apology. My bad.
> If you have a question, just post it to the list with a subject line that is 
> specific but succinct. You will probably get a reply, but there is no 
> guarantee—someone who knows the answer has to see the question.The folks here 
> are pretty supportive. You should get an email with their reply. At least 
> with some mail clients, you should “Reply all” when answering a post.

No, one *should* reply to the list rather than sending multiple copies to
*everyone*.  After all, the original post would not have been seen if one
was not reading the list.  If after posing a question, one does not have
the initiative to keep reading the list, why bother?
> As for your question on controlling the interface:

not top-posted and not full quoted nor previous signatures included.

search: mailing list etiquette and/or netiquette
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