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> Good point. Maybe better to make friends with a more advanced user and ask
> for them to possibly translate? :)

Or we can ask pakeez for a little more detail on what a "complete
portrait tutorial" should have in it.  What exactly do you want to do to
pictures of people?  We have ways, and probably the right tutorials to
get you well started, but "portraits" are a very big subject

Portrait work has many aspects - composition and cropping, color and
light correction, removing blemishes and unwanted textures, enhancing
contrast and color in selected areas, etc.

For high resolution work, one also needs to learn about exporting photos
in RAW format, importing them into your image editor, etc.

My favorite beginner tutorial for photo editing with the GIMP is this
one; the website has closed but lives on in the Wayback Machine:




It covers a /lot/ of the basics and most of them apply directly to
portrait work.  The GIMP version used in the tutorial is old, but it
will not be difficult to figure out the differences as one goes along.
Get some similar photos to the ones in the tutorial, do the same things
to them, and you will be well on your way.


Steve Kinney

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