On 14/10/16 00:52, FierySwordswoman wrote:
Something like this:

     'Creates a new image','Creates a new image',
     'Create new image',
This script will run without showing up a dialog, and will even run if
no images are open in Gimp.
Pip could work...
No it won't. It's not included in Python 2.7.5, and I can't install it into
GIMP's python because it's missing too much of the standard library.

Pip is only making things easy. You can always manually add stuff.
How can words on a screen be spoken too fast? Did you read them too fast?
-Anyway, no, I can't switch over to my own 2.7.X as the file can't be modified.

It is burnt in the hard disk? All files can be changed. I remember doing this a long while ago when I was still using Windows.
The proper way to do that would be to replace GIMP's python.exe and pythonw.exe
with links to the desired ones.
Even if it's possible, I'm pretty sure it'd lose the all-important gimpfu
No it wouldn't but I don"t remember if I had to do something for this.

This said AFAIK the Gimp python includes modules such as xml.eTree, so I wonder what modules you consider missing from the standard Python 2.7 install (as listed here: https://docs.python.org/2/py-modindex.html)

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