On 10/18/2016 16:19, Steve Kinney wrote:
> On 10/18/2016 04:38 PM, Jan Kandziora wrote:
>> Am 18.10.2016 um 22:22 schrieb Joseph A Nagy Jr:
>>> Does anyone know of a good source for random camouflage patterns
>>> for use in GIMP? I'm looking to make a firearms related image and
>>> am wanting to use a camouflage background for the entire image.
>> Camouflage patterns aren't random. See
>> https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Military_camouflage_patterns
> This is exactly the kind of thing the resynthesizer plugin does best.  I
> don't recall if it's a stock part of the GIMP installation or has to be
> obtained via a separate package.  If you don't have a menu item for Heal
> Transparency as indicated below, check your package manager or the GIMP
> plugin registry.

Thank you for the kind response.

> First, find or make a camo pattern that suits you.  The example below
> was made from an image from wikimedia (see quote above), scaled down to
> 300x300 pixels to get quicker results.  The process:
> 1)  Open your sample camoflage image in the GIMP, save as XCF.
> 2)  Do Image > Canvas Size, and set it to the size you need your
> finished background to be, with the existing layer centered.
> 3)  Do Layer > New Layer.  Select the sample layer, do control+c to copy
> it, select the transparent layer, do control+v to paste the copied
> layer, and click the "anchor" icon in the layers dialog to merge the
> pasted copy into the transparent layer.
> 4)  Do Filters > Enhance > Heal Transparency.  If the "outward from
> center" option is not already selected, select it.  In the sample below,
> the 50px sample radius (default) worked quite well.  Hit OK and go make
> a cup of coffee or something - this is a very complex and therefore
> rather slow filter.  When you come back, you should like what you see.
> Before:
> http://pilobilus.net/xfer/camo.jpg
> After:
> http://pilobilus.net/xfer/camo.large.jpg
> :o)

I will definitely look into this for future projects (and may use it on
this one if I don't like what I've found), but I did manage to find this:


I do, however like your results. Definitely will look into that process
as I'm fleshing out exactly how I want the final product to look (or
just to have multiple options).


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