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> I'm running GIMP 2.8.18
> and I need
> 1. faster <b>file operations</b> (look at blender)
> 2. much faster image operations like scale for large images such as
> 15000x10000px
> 3. real-time non-destructive editing such as saving and re-using the journal

to paraphrase on what Michael Schumacher said (which I hope didn't come across
as too rude): GIMP is a community-managed, open-source project, which relies
on volunteers for continued development. Your suggestions seem good and
welcome, but someone needs to contribute the time and/or money to help develop
them. If you care enough about implementing them, you should try to help
development, which despite popular belief, involves more than just coding and

If you're interested in helping, then welcome aboard and see
https://www.gimp.org/develop/ and
(I should note that I wrote most of the latter link), and
and we look forward to your contributions.

If you are unable to contribute, then the enhancements that you request will be
left on the "nice-to-have-but-who-knows-at-what-priority" list, to be dealt with
at a certain time in the future (and possibly a distant one). You may opt to
use a different alternative that may work better for you (assuming you can
afford it) but note that contributing to GIMP or a different open source
application, benefits everyone who uses them.


        Shlomi Fish
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