>Is there a paint tool that allows me to change the color of specific
>foreground pixels as I drag it over the picture while leaving the
>background color untouched?
>All of my photos are created using PhotoGrav which converts them to
>black pixels on a white background for etching on a laser machine.
>I would like to know if there is a tool similar to a brush or a pencil
>that will allow me to drag it over these areas (like I am drawing)
>converting the black pixels to a different chosen color while leaving
>the white background untouched.

1. Make sure the image is in RGB mode Image -> Mode -> RGB

2. Make a new layer, fill with the desired colour, place under the B/W layer.

3. Foreground colour black, paint brush mode color-erase see sceenshot

4. suitable paintbrush size, paint over the black over the black pixels. 

* http://www.gimpusers.com/system/attachments/307/original/colorerase.jpg

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