I've made the shift from 2.6 to 2.8 a couple of months ago (don't judge me, when
2.8 first came out I was only just working out 2.6 and all the settings were
intimidating, and after that I just forgot)

Anyway, in 2.6 if I was, for example, using a 30% opacity brush and wanted to
continue outside my current painting area, I could use the middle click button
on my stylus to grab the canvas, drag it over and continue without lifting the
pen - avoiding me having to try and line up my brush with the edge of the last
section I did to try and keep it from overlapping since I'm using a set opacity.

I could do the same thing if I wanted super precise selections - zoom in on the
image, select tool, drag, and without lifting the pen pan over to the rest of
what I wanted to select and continue.

In 2.8 I can't seem to do this. I reach the edge of my work area and have to
lift the pen to make the panning option work, so if I want to work with
opacities whilst zoomed in enough to see the detail of what I'm doing I have to
try and carefully line up edges on each visible section.

I'm sure there were more things I used this feature for but I can't think of
examples currently. Anyway is there a way to make this work again?

Gallifreya (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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