On 30/10/16 15:21, Michael Schumacher wrote:
Am 30.10.2016 um 14:23 schrieb Steve Kinney:

On 10/30/2016 08:54 AM, Michael Schumacher wrote:
Am 30.10.2016 um 13:47 schrieb black-explorer:

As the subject suggests: drag and drop of an image over the gimp icon would be
an intuitive and good feature.
And what should happen if someone does this?

Please re-read your message, assume that others do not know what you are
thinking about, and elaborate.
Just guessing that means, drag and drop an image file to a GIMP start
icon on a Windows® desktop.  I seem to remember that XP would do that
with files dropped on program icons.  If so, that's an operating system
window manager thing, that the GIMP can't influence one way or another.
There might be some sort of entry point applications have to implement
to make this to work.

Works out f the box on WinXP if the OP's "icon" is a shortcut to Gimp. IIRC you can even define a shortcut for a .BAT and have it process files that way...

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