>Hey all 
>I am new at this very new.
>Ive spent over an hour to just draw this shape ive tried different
>things but how is it so blurry/pixely? how to i make it smooth and

Right-click, choose select, choose by color, click on the oval, get the
pencil/brush and go around the edges. Right click, select again, NONE instead of
by color and you should be good to go.

The reason it does this is that those blurry pixels at the edge help ease the
transitions between objects so it doesn't look so much like pixel art.

If you're referring to the fact that you can see pixels at all though, you'll
probably need to increase the resolution of the project. You don't have enough
pixels in there to give you the illusion of a smooth line.

KesonaFyren (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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