Klaus is right on when he says that the RGB colour gamut is wider than the CMYK gamut. Therefore some rgb colours will end up looking differently when printed in cmyk.

I found this website http://www.printernational.org/rgb-versus-cmyk.php has a pretty good explanation with illustration of the difference. It also puts out good information about graphic design in general.

Rick S.

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for both topics of gimp-user-list Digest, Vol 62, Issue 17: use the open
source program Krita. It is an image manipulation program, natively built
for Linux, installers are also available for Windows and Mac OS X, that can
handle both ways, rgb to cmyk and cmyk to rgb. If it can handle psds I don´t
know. Notice: rgb to cmyk will often end up in dull colors, because the
color space cmyk is somewhat else than the colorspace of rgb - not all
colors of rgb are resembled in cmyk.

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