On 12/01/17 21:49, Steve Kinney wrote:

On 01/12/2017 10:20 AM, Klemen wrote:
I have recently bought a new computer and installed Gimp on it. The issue is,
that I cannot get the pan feature to work properly.

When I click the middle mouse button, it does register and it does let me pan,
but it only registers for a split second - making it useless and quite annoying.
It appears that only the click is registered, but holding the mouse button
isn't. So I can't hold the middle mouse button and pan.

Now, on my old computer panning works fine and I use the same mouse. Both
computers have default preferences as well, so I have no idea what the problem

Help would be greatly appreciated, because this issue highly affects my workflow
with gimp.
What you describe here is almost certainly a problem with the user
interface setting in the operating system and/or desktop manager.

The group will need to know what OS is on the computer, to be able to
suggest solutions.

And also the type of mouse. Some mice do very strange things and may require a specific driver to work "normally".

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