>I see I'd need to delete the 2 pics and re-import them. But what about
>the text and colors? Can I copy them over to the new template? Keeping
>the same fonts, sizes, positioning, background color layers, scaling?

They are all going to be too small. Truthfully you need to start again.

If it is any consolation this is a very common beginner issue. Starting work /
importing images on a canvas that is way too small for quality printing. The PDF
default 100 ppi is something to look out for in this instance. Default canvas 72
ppi is the other. You need to look at the Image size in pixels rather than some
stated size in inches/cm Quality printing rule-of-thumb is 300 ppi although for
large prints, posters etc, smaller ppi values are used, the value depending on
size and distance of viewing.

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