>thanks for your excellent help. So is it ok for me to have the old
>100ppi project open at the same time the 300ppi new imported template
>is open and then just at least copy and paste the raw text over?

If you have Gimp text layers, do not copy and paste. You will lose the text
properties, what was a text layer becomes regular graphics.

What you can do is click-n-drag the text layer, from one image up into the tab
of another. That then becomes active, continue the drag down into the canvas
area before releasing the mouse. Takes a little practice

Another way is: Open the CD template @ 300 ppi.

Then Open-as-Layers the previous work. Any text layers will still be there, too
small, but easy to increase the font size (x3) all other layers can be deleted
(or even resized if you think you can get away with the reduced quality).


If you have the text (raw?) as a text file, that can be copied and pasted into
the Gimp text tool.

If you have done what most beginners do and export flattened (png / jpg / pdf)
images. Best plan is start again from scratch. Always **save** your work as Gimp
xcf files, that saves all layers, guides, masks, etc Only when complete then
**export** the image.

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