>I do have all my XCF files. I used tried this method:  click-n-drag
>the text layer, from one image up into
>the tab of another. It works really well and you're right the text is
>very very tiny. I had to increase the font size from the original 40
>to about 100. If not this should do fine and save some time.
>I tried this with a color background and it did fine, I just needed to
>scale the size back up and position it. So with this method am I
>losing quality?
>Of course I know I'm starting from scratch with the 2 pics importing
>them into the 300 ppi template, that's fine.

Sounds like you have it cracked.

You will not lose any quality with the text layers, a solid / simple coloured
background layer will be ok, it is more complex images that become fuzzy when
scaled up.

rich404 (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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