>PDF/X-4 permits factors like transparency, fonts embedded in the file.
>What you get from Gimp is a flattened image, it is a single graphic in
>a PDF wrapper. You will not have any transparency , embedded
>fonts..etc. Discmakers will only use the circular area covering the
>What you do want is a CMYK PDF, so use that on-line site I mentioned
>http://www.pdf2cmyk.com Send discmakers the resulting file and see if
>they complain. Commercial printers are always whinging.
>If you look at discmakers web site, all the products used are
>commercial, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Corel Draw. These can
>all produce a CMYK PDF from beginning to end.
>One thing to note with CMYK is some colours will look muted, typically
>bright colours. The inks used for printing do not have the colour
>range (gamut) of your over-bright computer RGB monitor. Do a search
>for RGB versus CMYK. Consider that before ordering 1000's
>You can produce a CMYK PDF/-X4 on your computer using a freeware
>application called Scribus, your Gimp graphic can be imported as say a
>tif, but it is yet another steep learning curve.

I have a good working relationship with DiscMakers and have used their online
templates on projects and asked Alex for some other  recommendations of programs
that I could use to get more options. He suggested the usual ones plus GIMP. I
sent him an email asking about the PDF/X-4, and will likely hear from him today
on that.

He said don't worry about the RGB they can do the conversion for me for free. I
did send him the PDF of the CD front cover, plus the actual pic I started with,
so he can check it with his graphic techs. So thankfully I have some help on
their end.

I just didn't want to do too much more work before checking to see if I'm on the
right track and then find I have to redo everything a 3rd time. The thing I was
concerned about was on their tutorials saying that a regular PDF can distort the
image to fit on an 8.5x11 paper and that the PDF-X4 doesn't do that. I hope that
doesn't apply to this situation.

GerryPeters (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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