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    Apologies. I couldn't figure out how to reply directly to my own
    earlier message, so I'm doing so by a fresh post with the same
    title as my original post, in case anyone should be helped by my

    The GIMP says in its title bar that it's running in superuser
    mode, but I've now found that it really isn't. Its wrongly saying
    so is a function of its having been installed through flatpak.

I saw in your other email that you use Ubuntu. Is it a feature of Ubuntu to tell when a software is run as superuser?
I'm not sure, but I did notice by chance today that the title bar of a graphical app that I was running did say that I was running the app as superuser when I'd deliberately chosen to open it in that way. That makes me assume that the title bar will always say so when it's the case (and also sometimes when it isn't).
In any case, I have no idea about this issue. Does that say the same thing with other flatpak-installed software or only GIMP?
GIMP is the only app I've ever installed via flatpak, but it was this (https://github.com/mate-desktop/marco/issues/301) that suggested that the same false statement would appear with any flatpak-installed app.

Maybe I should add that, when I opened GIMP and then checked via a separate app to see who was said to be running it, it was said to be leslie, not root. Also, I edited an image in GIMP and then saved it. I then looked at the permissions attached to the saved edited image and saw that leslie was the owner, not root.

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