>I'm having trouble with the new Gimp version when it comes to changing
>tool sizes. For example, when I would have my brush at a certain size
>and then switch to the eraser, the eraser tool would be at whatever
>size I had it last and then I could change the size if I needed. Now
>when I'm using a brush and have it at a certain size, if I switch to
>the eraser and resize that, when I go back to the brush it's now the
>size I made the eraser making me change the brush size again to how I
>had it before. Basically, it used to be that each tool stayed the same
>size I had them at independent of each other. Now they all change size
>when I only want the current tool I'm using to change. This is really
>frustrating and time consuming and I was wondering if there's a
>solution that would make this process more like how it was in the
>earlier Gimp iterations.
>If someone could help me with this I would be so grateful. Thank you.

Hiya! I just came across your post after realizing the same problem with my
brushes. It's over a year later, and you may have already found a fix or
alternate solution, but if not, I found this forum post helped me fix it:

Apologies if this was useless information at this point, but hey you never know.

GoJinxYourself (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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