>I'm working on a CD Label. The template has lots of text instructions
>on it. So I'd like to pattern just simply the inner circle of the CD
>cutout and the outer circle border of the CD that's a layer but only
>those 2 circles.  Everything else is see though. This way I can
>overlay it on top of my CD graphics and accurately see the inner and
>outer borders. What's the best way to do this?

Use the UD109.pdf as a base, open @ 300 ppi

Add a new transparent layer, top of the layer stack.

Set horizontal and vertical 50% guides Image -> Guides -> New Guide (by percent)
Fortunately the pdf is symmetrical.

Check that View -> Snap to Guides is on

Use the elliptical select tool. Set the tool properties to Fixed Aspect ratio
(1:1) and expand from center.

Draw out the selection from the guides intersection to fit the pdf.

Use Edit -> Stroke selection to paint the circle on the layer.

Repeat for other circle. Turn off selection.

All your artwork goes under that layer. Save as a Gimp .xcf to keep all the
layers, guides etc.

Before exporting as a jpg/tiff/... turn off the visibility of the layer.

The above as a 3 minute video https://youtu.be/0UgVavZ3l78

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